Retired NFL star Martellus Bennett on possibility of comeback: ‘I wouldn’t pass the drug test’

(via Wikimedia Commons)

Former NFL star Martellus Bennett isn’t concerned about coming back to the game due to his marijuana use.

The retired ex-Patriot recently admitted on Twitter that he wouldn’t even pass the league’s drug test even if he did decide to return, reports the New England Sports Network.

Bennett responded to a die-hard Pats fan who took to Twitter to convince the former tight end to come out of retirement.

He replied as such:

It might be best that Bennett stay away from the league notorious for its harsh pot penalties, as the NFL recently denied a historic request from running back Mike James to use medical marijuana as an opioid alternative.

Despite the lack of Bennett’s presence in the NFL, he told Bleacher Report that “about 89 percent” of the league’s players currently use cannabis.

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