[Serious] Thoughts on ACDC and Cannatonic?


What has your experience been with ACDC and/or Cannatonic? Specifically, did you feel any sort of “high”? Do you have any other recommendations for High CBD Low THC strains or even normal strains that give a slight buzz without negative THC effects?

Only the hemp flower is legal in my state and I’m visiting a legal state soon and am going to try a few strains. I’d like to feel something from the bud but I don’t want to deal with the intense highs that I used to get back in college. I need to be able to function and think without talking like Yoda or in incomplete sentences… (first time I ever smoked weed I was so high that I was phrasing my sentences like Yoda). Couch lock would be okay for night time.

I’ve done a lot of research online but Reddit has never let me down so I figured I’d ask. Thanks in advance.

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