Ocean Cannabis Company Blue Cookies 3.5g (Cloneville)

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The indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain Blue Cookies derives its name from its appearance and flavor. Its harvest-ready buds have a bluish and sometimes purple tint them beneath a thick layer of frosty crystals.

Its scent and flavor are of sweet berries, sometimes cherries, mixed with undertones of a delicious bakery.

THC levels of Blue Cookies have reached 26%, with its average just below this number. Its high will immediately create a head high, causing the consumer to feel uplifted and sometimes spacey. This soon flows into a deep relaxation of the body’s muscles, sometimes inducing sleepiness so approaching this strain in the evenings/at night is recommended for first-timers.

Novice consumers should beware of this strain as it can be quite potent. Anxiousness and paranoia have been negative side-effects when consumed improperly.