Snoop Dogg smokes a blunt in front of the White House to protest Trump

(photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Snoop Dogg recently visited Washington, D.C. to display his own special form of peaceful protest.

The legendary rapper and cannabis aficionado was relaxing in a D.C. hotel on Tuesday before declaring on Instagram that he “just got the urge to get up and go to the White House and do some gangster sh*t.”

Snoop then promised to smoke a blunt in front of the White House if his post received 20,000 likes. The video ended up getting over 83,000 likes.

True to his word, the Doggfather took a drive to the White House-adjacent Lafayette Park, and lit a massive blunt while sitting on a park bench.

He also took the time to compliment a gentleman on his hair, as well as pose for photos with some fans.

Snoop has been highly critical of the Trump administration, and has voiced his disapproval through several songs and music videos.

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Oscar Pascual

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