Upcoming Drug Test! (urinalysis)

So I have a second upcoming drug test for a government job. I haden’t smoked for a year and passed the first test with no worries and then proceeded to smoke again yesterday with a buddy and took about 8 puffs from a joint of some good medical bud. It got me so high that I was uncomfortably high but I was able to tell myself that I would be fine soon and that I should just have a good time which I ended up doing. I was incredibly high for about 3 hours and then baked like I used to be when I had a high tolerance for about two. I kind of wish I haden’t smoked because I liked dreaming every night and that stopped last night. But I am 5’10 160 pounds and in pretty good shape, go to the gym often and am fairly active, but I drink a lot of beer and liquor. How long should it take for the weed to flush out of my system for a piss test? (roughly) I know it varies but I see a lot of people when referencing a one time use saying 30-90 days which is scary and then some saying 5-10 days. Does anyone experienced have a good answer for me?

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