Watch: Kevin Smith describes the Emerald Cup as the ‘Comic-Con of weed’

One of California’s most popular cannabis competitions is now the ultimate fan experience, according to Kevin Smith.

The filmmaker and marijuana enthusiast spoke to Civilized during an appearance at the Emerald Cup, held last December in Santa Rosa.

“It’s kind of like the Comic-Con of weed,” remarks Smith, also a comic book fan used to visiting that particular annual event. “If you’re in the cannabis space, this is definitely one of the events of the year that you want to be at, and probably one of the biggest. I mean, look at how happy everybody is.”

Smith appeared at the event with actor Jason Mewes, also known as one-half of the pot-dealing characters Jay And Silent Bob featured throughout Smith’s films.

He goes on to mention the Jay and Silent Bob brand of legal cannabis products, and his own personal stoner inspiration in fellow actor Seth Rogen.

Smith’s Emerald Cup appearance came months after wrapping up on his crowd-funded stoner sitcom “Hollyweed” in 2018.

Watch the entire interview below.

[embedded content]

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