Watch: Utah senator tries marijuana edibles for the first time

(via Jim Dabakis on Facebook)

As the state of Utah considers a measure to legalize medical cannabis weeks before election day, one lawmaker is living up to the old adage, “don’t knock it ’til you try it.”

The Democratic state senator Jim Dabakis recently took a trip to the legal marijuana state of Nevada to prove to his social media followers that using weed isn’t really that big of a deal.

In the video below, Dabakis admits that he “never tasted, smoked, eaten, shot up marijuana in my life,” which he believes should be a disqualifier for any state official that has a say in forming the state’s marijuana policy.

“It’s to remind my colleagues that, by the way, there’s a whole other world out there. Not everybody thinks that marijuana leads to — that it’s the gateway,” Dabakis told VICE. “I do enjoy kind of poking the bear. But there’s some serious issues that are underneath it that I hope I can get to by making a bit of a fool of myself.”

Dabakis appears virtually unphased throughout the short video, but the high eventually kicked in after he kept eating more, according to VICE.

“I took the half, and then I took another half, and not a lot happened. And so then I took another half, about a half an hour after that. And that’s where it kind of kicked in,” Dabakis told VICE. “I just felt a kind of warm glow. It wasn’t life-changing, it didn’t seem like it was anything profound. I didn’t find God or anything.”

Utahns will decide on the Proposition 2 initiative to legalize medical marijuana use on election day.

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